The Samsung RF261BEAESR is a 26 cubic foot French door refrigerator that has an internal water dispenser and Twin Cooling Plus-dual action that will allow you to preserve the freshness of food longer.  This fridge model has efficient features that will make it an ideal refrigerator for a large family such as yours.
Samsung RF261BEAESR French Door Refrigerator
What are the features of a Samsung RF261BEAESR?

  • With a large 26 cubic foot storage capacity
  • With Twin Cooling Plus-dual action that will cool the fridge interior will also simultaneously make foods last longer
  • With an internal water dispenser which will give you filtered water straight from your fridge
  • With a high efficiency LED that will light up the entire fridge interior so you can easily spot what you are looking for.
  • With large French doors and deep freezer system
  • The CoolSelect Pantry has a full-width drawer that has separate temperature controls. This is ideal for storing large platers, beverages and large deli items
  • With versatile drawers, shelves and bins that allows you to personalize your fridge for all sorts of foods.
  • With filter indicators
  • With removable ice caddy
  • With tempered glass shelving and gallon door bins
  • Comes with a cool tight door feature


What are the pros and cons of using a Samsung RF261BEAESR?


  1. The Samsung RF261BEAESR is an ideal huge home refrigerator since it has spacious interiors and versatile drawers, bins and shelves. Every area of the fridge may be used as a storage system and can be adjusted depending on the size and the length of the food that you want to store.
  2. The large French doors will open to allow large and complicated foods to enter like large food platers, cakes and pies. No need to cut food in small pieces, you can easily place a large food or beverage inside with no problems.
  3. The ice maker and water filtration system will allow you to enjoy clean and healthy ice cubes and cool water.  A convenient filter indicator will also tell you if you need to replace the filter right away.
  4. The Samsung RF261BEAESR has a stainless steel finish making it resistant to dust, dirt, grime and to dirty kitchen odor. Just a simple sweep of a damp cloth you will be able to clean this surface effortlessly. And just the fact that it has a sleek stainless steel exterior makes it an ideal addition to any modern kitchen. You can match this fridge with any wall color, countertop material and any kitchen cabinet color; the steel finish will also match other stainless kitchen appliances as well.
  5. The tempered glass and bright LED lighting makes it easy to spot food inside the fridge. You can easily locate what you need and get it right away reducing huge temperature and humidity fluctuations inside the fridge.


  1. This fridge model has an interior water dispenser and ice maker that should have been found in the exterior of the unit.  Placing the dispensers in the fridge door reduces the need to periodically opening the fridge to just get ice and cold water; it will also free more space for food and groceries.
  2. The Samsung RF261BEAESR has large interiors and huge French doors that could be a hazard to very small children. A child lock feature or a door locking mechanism would be an ideal feature to improve safety and security in the home.


The Samsung RF261BEAESR would have been an ideal large refrigerator that will also save you from paying huge electricity bills but the water and ice dispensers are located in the interior of the fridge. The absence of a child locking feature makes it a hazard in a large family with small children. The cooling features and storage are adequate but everything must be considered when shopping for the ideal refrigerator model for a family.

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