The large German equipment manufacturer Liebherr established in 1949 is one of the leading world’s largest crane companies all over the world. But not only do they create crances, their company has also expanded in other areas such as aircraft parts and household appliances and the commonly known refrigerator is one appliance in which Liebherr is one of liebherrs famous appliances being created.

The refrigerators cool temperature always the refrigerator to maintain it’s circulation throughout the appliances. Bacteria grow more in number with a warm to hot environement. In a low temperature environment it does the opposite. It slows down the reproduction of bacteria thus allows the food to last longer and spoil less.
Liebherr CS1360 Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator
Liebherr CS1360 Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator Features:

  • Utilizing a variable speed compressor which it more quite, has a longer lasting operation and conserves more energy, this fridge has two separate cooling system for the refrigerator and the freezer. Such features gives a holistic approach towards the advantages for such doesn’t only bring convenience towards our homes, but is environmental friendly.
  • Energy Star Compliant
  • Super Quiet Providing a quiet environment increases concentration and comfort level, in which brings more convenience towards the home.
  • Intelligence Sensor technology in which helps in conservation of energy.
  • Swingline design stainless steel doors with ergonomic slim line Easy Open handle system
  • Flexible vario Box
  • Sabbath Mode
  • Soft Tough Digital display with capacitive switches
  • Beverage rack to arrange well your favourite frinks
  • One gallon storage space on door, provides easier access towards juice, milk and others.
  • Led Light Column that uses less energy and doesn’t contain mercury that may cause toxicity.
  • By preventing the cold air from escaping when opening the door, the fridge has a FrostSafe System does such.
  • For more flexible storage in the freezer this fridge has a varioSpace System.
  • Elegant transparent graphics on freezer drawers.
  • Factory Installed Ice Maker

Liebherr CS1360 Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator Description and Design:

With a simple and elegant look, the Liebherr CS1360 Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator blends well to your kitchen. Its benefits of a cabinet-depth design and freestanding style this refrigerator brings out a neat look in which if food or other liquids are stored properly will give it a much more easier access towards such.

There is a one door style (not a French door) in which is finished with smooth outline. The colour which is stainless steel allows the fridge to have a sophisticated look giving it an advantage for it may blend well to any environment. Not only are the doors stainless steel in colour but also the cabinet color.  The doors also are reversible with the hinge sides allocated on the right. There are no glass doors nor does it accept custom panels.

Standing at 79 3/16 “, with a width of 23 5/8 “, and a depth of 24 13/16 ” this refrigerator are perfect for condominiums, small space urban houses, and others in which doesn’t require that much space. The refrigerator has a capacity of 9.7 cu.ft. and the freezer has a capacity of 3.3cu.ft with a total of 13cu. Ft.

This machine is Energy Star rated and uses 420 Kwh/yr. Its amps rate is 15 and uses 110 volts.

Refrigerator Details:

There are a total of four glass shelves which aren’t a slide-out style but are spill safe to reduce bacterial contamination and spread of liquids towards other areas of the refrigerator. There are also a total of 3 door bins which aren’t adjustable. There is also gallon door storage, a dairy center and a clear deli drawer. There are unfortunately no cantilever shelves, Water dispenser and no child or door locks. There are also no wine bottle holders and no can dispenser. But the refrigerator does have a digital temperature control that monitors and controls the temperature of your appliance; it also has a Sabbath mode.

Freezer Details:

A built in defrost system is installed in the Liebherr CS1360 Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator, such in which allows the appliance to conserve much energy. There are a total number of 3 baskets. There is an Ice maker and the freezer is quick freeze. There is no ice maker

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