The GE Profile PSHS6PGZSS Refrigerator boasts of 26 cubic feet storage capacity, ice maker, water dispenser and LCD controls. In spite of the numerous cutting-edge features installed in the refrigerator, it still prides itself of having one of the most beautiful and luxurious finishes in the market. The chrome stainless steel finish ensures that the unit can effortlessly blend with the décor used in your home.
GE Profile PSHS6PGZSS Side by Side Refrigerator
The design aspect is enhanced further by the side-by-side door configuration that makes it easier for consumers to access the refrigerator. For instance, if you need to store or retrieve freezer foods, you do not have to open the refrigerator door.

Performance is one of the features that a majority of consumers look for when shopping for an ideal refrigerator. In respect to power consumption, the GE Profile PSHS6PGZSS 26 Cu. Ft Refrigerator scores pretty well. The Energy Star rating is an indication that the unit utilizes roughly 30% less power compared to traditional approved refrigerators.

Optimized power usage is further enhanced by the inclusion of features such as energy plus technology. If the refrigerator doors are left closed for a period of 24 hours, then the unit automatically switches to energy-saving mode. If your power company offers rebates for prudent power usage, then you will be saving hundreds of dollars every year in energy bills if you choose to purchase this model over other brands.

Features and Specifications of the GE Profile PSHS6PGZSS Side by Side Refrigerator

  • Capacity: The 26 cubic storage capacity provides you with more than enough storage space for all your party platters, fresh produce, dairy products, leftovers and beverages.
  • More Storage Organization System: This innovative storage organization system is aimed at making maximum use of the space in the refrigerator and freezer compartments.
  • Gallon Door Bins: The gallon door bins are designed to provide you with storage locations for your milk gallons, sodas, juice bottles, canned foods and bottled water.
  • Spill Proof Glass Shelves: The spill-resistant glass shelves are designed to contain spills and other messes within the refrigerator thus making cleaning easy and fast. Then again, the glass shelves are adjustable thereby ensuring that you can store virtually any food or beverage.
  • LED Lighting: The LED theatre lighting functions in offering proper illumination in both the refrigerator and freezer compartments. As such, you do not have to use auxiliary lighting in order to search for items stored therein.
  • Turbo Cool Setting: This feature functions in accelerating temperature drops in either the freezer and refrigerator section. Therefore, if you have a case of soda that needs to be chilled or ice cream that requires hardening, you can use this feature.
  • Slide ‘n Store Freezer Baskets: Organizing and storing freezer foods is simplified by the slide ‘n store freezer baskets.
  • Climate Keeper System: This feature functions in maintaining optimum temperatures in both the freezer and refrigerator compartments.
  • Ice Maker: By including an ice maker, the manufacturer basically ensured that you have endless supply of ice cubes.

The Pros and Cons of the GE Profile PSHS6PGZSS Side by Side Refrigerator

The GE Profile PSHS6PGZSS Side by Side Refrigerator retails for approximately $1,900 online. The price tag is exclusive of the shipping and handling costs. Consequently, it makes sense if you would like to weigh the pros and cons before making your purchase.

The Pros

  • Fruits and vegetables are kept fresh and the flavors maintained thanks to the humidity-controlled crisper drawers.
  • Included in the packaging is a 1 year warranty designed to cover parts and labor and an additional 5 year warranty that caters for sealed system components.
  • The energy consumption is also pretty good as the unit consumes roughly 30% less power compared to other brands and models in the market.

The Cons

  • Consumers with less space in their kitchens may find the bulky design less appealing.


The GE Profile PSHS6PGZSS Side by Side Refrigerator is ideal for consumers who would like to get more from their refrigerators besides ordinary refrigeration and cooling functions.

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